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Thought partnership and actionable recommendations
to help your business get more out of less

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Small to Big Data. Democratized Insights. Customer Lifetime Value Management

Let us make your data
an asset for you

Everyone knows data is valuable. Like everything that is precious, in order to truly shine, it needs the right kind of process, diligence, focus, and an acumen that only comes from experience. Aggrani specializes in providing your organization with precisely that. Our objective is not just to deliver analytics services, but to transform the way your team members work with and extract value out of data. 

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Market Analysis

Marketing Optimization

Over a century ago, businessman once said “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” Unfortunately, the world has not changed much in this regard.


The right metrics, tests and analytics can help. While the perfect answer to what works is not something to pursue, there are many foundational and intermediate steps you can take to make your dollar go further. 

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Churn Management

There are two ways to manage churn. The first one is akin to prevention - finding and attracting the right customers (who stay longer and use more). The second one - retention campaigns that identify at-risk clients and take appropriate action / provide incentives to stay. How should you divide your efforts? What are the early warning indicators? How do you outreach without 'poking the bear'?

Accounting Tasks

Cost Minimization

While the urge to increase revenue is  stronger than that for reducing costs, both are equally important to drive profits. AI can help predict client behavior, which in turn helps to optimize service levels / product inventory.

Also, knowing the level of impact of your actions helps you to redirect your energies to the most profitable actions. 

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